I Have Always Been A Car Guy.

When I was growing up my parents belonged to a golf country club. I thought it was great except for the golf part. After years of amateur racing and driving on tracks all over the Midwest, I asked the question,why hasn’t anyone combined the structure of a golf club with a road course? It sounded like a simple idea! After years of Black Flags and Red Flags Autobahn Country Club finally received the Green Flag and was born.

Autobahn is close to Chicago, so you can come out and enjoy yourself for a few hours or days on a safe track. We are family friendly and always exciting. With three Circuits the North, South & Full we always have a Circuit ready for the members.

When you join you will be surrounded by 400+ members that have a passion for cars and the lifestyle that goes with that. Enjoy your street car the way it was meant to be driven. You can learn how to race, or if you have racing experience you can compete in one of our 4 member racing series.

If you want the ultimate experience, build your own Garage Mahal at the club and race to your heart’s content.Enjoy your passion on your schedule. Everything you need is here including, on site storage, great service, amazing food, karting etc. You can leave your car at Autobahn. Show up to drive, race and still be home for dinner if you like.

All of us at Autobahn hope you will come out & visit.

Mark Basso

President & Autobahn Country Club Founder

To Learn More, call Ron Dabisch at 815-823-8570, or email to RonDabisch@AutobahnCC.com


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